Mo Ismailzai

Web Developer

A lightbulb depicted in the center of a chalkboard, with three chalk-drawn thought bubbles vertically-stacked on either side

I am a trained researcher, seasoned full-stack developer, and senior project manager with 5+ years' experience delivering production solutions. I am comfortable with every layer of the stack, including the people layer, and know that delivering on client expectations means more than just good code. I am a proponent of open-source software and prefer standards-driven solutions yet I understand the business realities of proprietary systems and legacy frameworks.

I prioritize staying current with emerging trends, technologies, and stacks; however, I place a premium on tested, proven, production solutions. My technical skills are augmented by a bachelors degree from the University of British Columbia and a masters degree from the University of Toronto—both in sociology.

My academic research includes: in-depth explorations of neighbourhoods in Vancouver and Toronto; open-source projects that make publicly-funded data publicly-accessible; and scholarship that explores the nature of the open-source knowledge economy.

You can read more about the work I do on my blog and on LinkedIn. The best way to contact me is via email.