Mo Ismailzai

Senior Developer | Solutions Specialist

Netflix revolutionized the way we consume media. Zoom changed the way we get work done. Disruptive ideas reconfigure technology to meet our changing needs and make our lives simpler and easier

So why is it so common to find a disconnect between the work we need to get done and the software we have to do it? Developers lose sight of the fact that software is fundamentally social. It’s about people, us, how we interact, how we collaborate, how we live, work, and play. If the software we’re building gets in our way (and eventually, it will), then it’s worth rethinking, restructuring, and rebuilding.

I’ve been using and writing software for most of my life, but it wasn’t until I completed a master’s in sociology that I recognized software as the codification of social structures, interactions, and expectations. As the needs of our organizations grow and change — as our values evolve — so too should the software we use to do the work we do.

These are some of the reasons I am a proponent of open-source software and prefer standards-driven solutions, but I also understand the business realities of proprietary systems and legacy frameworks. Sometimes we don’t have the luxury to replace the pieces we’ve outgrown and we need to be creative about the way we move forward. And that’s why I prioritize staying current with emerging trends, technologies, and ways of doing things, even while implementing time-tested and proven solutions. 

If you're looking to develop people-first, problem-solving software, then I can help you uncover the solutions that will empower your end users. I also have the people skills to cultivate key stakeholder buy-in, and manage the personalities, subcultures, and invisible social structures that govern development teams.

Do you have a messy problem that could benefit from a fresh perspective? Let's talk! Connect with me on LinkedIn, via email, or on Github.