September 17th, 2018
On the top, the words 'mugo web' in black. On the bottom, the SendGrid logo which consists of two squares, both of which are divided into quadrants, with the second square's bottom-left quadrant overlapping the first square's top-right quadrant. The quadrants are varying shades of blue. The squares are followed with the text 'SendGrid' in charcoal grey.

Marketing Automation with SendGrid

December 8th, 2017
On the left, a router with four solid green lights and four open ethernet ports. On the right, a line art depiction of a computer screen displaying the less-than and greater-than symbols with a '/' in between.

Infrastructure as Code: Provisioning and Configuration Management with Vagrant, Terraform, and Ansible

August 31st, 2017
On the top, the words 'mugo web' in black. On the bottom, Bronto's silhouetted green dinosaur logo followed by the text 'Bronto' in ash grey.

Unleashing Bronto's Fields, Segments, and Workflows for Powerful Automated Marketing Messages

July 5th, 2017
On the left, the Facebook logo which consists of a blue square that contains a solid-white, right-aligned 'f' within in. On the right, a mirrored speech-bubble that depicts three lines of text in the form of horizontal black rectangles.

Getting Started with Facebook Comment Mirroring

December 8th, 2016
On the top, the words 'mugo web' in black. On the bottom, the Apache Solr logo which consists of the word 'Solr' and a red circle that depicts seven rays that are emanating from the top-right corner of the 'r' in the 'Solr' text.

Extending eZ Find: How to Specify Minimum Relevance Values Using Solr Frange Queries